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When most people think of family law they think of divorce proceedings. While Law Office Of Genevieve A. Suzuki does handle divorce issues in La Mesa, such as child custody, alimony, child support, visitation rights, no fault divorces, separations, and asset allocation, I also practice various other forms of family law. For instance, I can resolve issues pertaining to common law relationships, as well as civil unions and other domestic partnerships.

Unfortunately, while family law is a largely pervasive and relevant entity in contemporary society the field of family law has negative connotations in today's zeitgeist. For instance, many pundits claim that family law is used as a catalyst by avaricious attorneys to become rich at the expense of their clients and their former spouses. Unlike other law firms, I provide a free consultation and charge on a sliding scale after you have accepted my terms and conditions. By doing so, both parties are kept on the same page and rates are always kept affordable.

Furthermore, I am fully aware of the turmoil and stress that family law issues such as divorce can cause on La Mesa clients. Fortunately, I strongly believe in the "Family comes first" motto and will do everything in my power to ensure that the interests of the child or children are placed first. I follow strict ethical standards and avoid cut-throat tactics that plague other family law firms. Moreover, my highly competitive and personalized family law services are assured to provide peace of mind and the very best course of action possible, guaranteed. Please contact my office today for a free consultation and discover the Law Office Of Genevieve A. Suzuki difference for yourself.

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